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Case Studies

IDC annuals

Case Study: Digital and Print Annual Report

The Client: Interactive Data Corporation

The Challenge: With the announcement of Notice and Access, Interactive Data wanted to explore an annual report solution that could be distributed both digitally and by mail.

The Solution: Mystic View Design created a number of visual solutions that represented that state of the company and it's goals and presented the concepts to the executive team. Once a design direction was established, a full-color, multi-page introduction to the 10-K portion of Interactive Data Corporation's annual report was developed, including corresponding graphs and charts for inside the 10-K. In addition to facilitating the coordination of the printed piece, Mystic View Design developed an online version that carried the same integrity of the design for the printed annual report. This online version contained additional material and was designed for on-screen viewing. Interactive Data Corporation was able to link to the report directly from their corporate website, allowing visitors to download and print the report or view it's contents online.  

See more online annual reports here and here.

Case Study: Website Design and Development

The Client: A marine sales and service company

The Challenge: The client signed up for a "free" website through a website design offer. The design and development work was free as long as they committed to a very high monthly payment to pay for hosting and SEO services. The problem was the website missed the mark by so much, it was actually hurting their business more than it was helping it. Anyone who found the website would be more confused than helped by the overall visual design as well as the weakly written copy. There were no less than 5 photos of cruise ships used on the site. The client neither sold cruise tickets nor serviced cruise ships. The other photos failed to portray the correct product brands and types of equipment that they dealt with. On top of that, they did not own the website so when the decision was made to redesign it, they had no site at all.

The Solution: Mystic View Design met with the client to explain how we could redesign their website into one that truly represented their business. We discussed all the aspects of their sales and services, scheduled a photoshoot to capture who they were and deveoped a website that fully communicates what their business does. We helped with SEO, hosting and the design of the site and showed them that even though they paid for the website up front, they ended up with one that they own. With a much lower monthly hosting bill, the pay back would be very fast so that in the long run, the overall cost was even cheaper than the so-called "free" website. In the end, they were extremely happy and appreciated our approach and the end product that we built. Take a look!




Case Study: Photography

The Client: A commercial real estate company

The Challenge: The client acquires a multi-million dollar property in another state. They need to get their investors up-to-date on the acquisition and provide them with a brochure that features professional photography of the grounds, interior and exterior of the building. The purpose of the brochure is to help them to create a contextual picture of the local demographics and highlight marketing opportunities.

The Solution: Mystic View Design established a connection with the property manager and arranged a visit. Our in-house photographers spent three days on location where we shot the property's interior and exterior from a variety of angles and lighting conditions. As part of the shoot, we went up in a helicopter to take aerial photographs. With our artistic eyes, we captured the story and created visuals that allowed investors to see the property's value beyond the fa├žade. By shooting both the building and its surrounding community, we painted a contextual picture of the property in its entirety. With a variety of professional images to choose from, Mystic View Design created a stunning marketing brochure showcasing the new property.


Case Study: Branding

The Client: Hearthstone Bed and Breakfast

The Challenge: As a new small business Hearthstone had a name but needed to establish an identity. The owners had a good idea of the look and feel of the identity but needed Mystic View to help them develop and refine their vision into a useable format.

The Solution: Mystic View worked closely with the owners and listened to their ideas for their new bed and breakfast. Mystic View Design looked at the pieces the owners had assembled that contained an element of their vision: a sunflower, texture, and a welcoming and warm attitude. From these elements, Mystic View Design developed the key identity piece: a logo which then became the foundation for their business stationery and website. Hearthstone's new website features our professional photography of the interior and exterior of the bed and breakfast and our carefully crafted code that contains search terms to help potential visitors find Hearthstone.