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  • The Mystic View Design Office
  • The Mystic View Design Office
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  • The Mystic View Design Office

Our Approach


We start by listening to you. Sounds simple right? During this phase of the project we gather important information on your needs, your customers or audience, and the project scope. We discover what is important to you and where our creativity can really give you an edge.


We look at your company from a new perspective, look at your existing branding and communication strategy and decide how we can contribute with this project. We look at similar competitive items and research new ideas and trends that may influence our solution.


We create specifications for the design—what size and type it is, what it should contain—and begin to sketch out it's form. Through brainstorming, sketching thumbnails, and planning, we develop the big picture and work into the details.


We find a balance to all the elements we created in the discovery process in a variety of ways that may work as a solution. We present these concepts to you and use our partnership to gather feedback and refine our concepts into a final piece.


We work with you and local partners to ensure that the end product is delivered on time and in a format that is appropriate. You connect with your audience with a strong, focused visual message.

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